the construction of quality of journalism in brazil

UNESCO’s publications debate quality in the Brazilian press

The study produced in a partnership with Renoi subsidizes the construction of quality of information indicators

Brasília, 03/11/2010 – Four publications launched by UNESCO in Brazil debate the need for quality parameters for Brazilian journalism companies. These publications integrate the Communication and Information Debates Series that started in 2009 and are one of the organization’s main priorities in the country.

“Defining quality indicators for journalism is an activity deeply linked with the objective of improving them and is a way to strengthen the relation of the media with its democratic functions” states Rogério Christofoletti one of the authors of the series.

The study “Indicators of Quality in Journalistic Information” developed in a partnership between the National Net of Observatories of the Press (Renoi, acronym in Portuguese) and UNESCO in Brazil, resulted in four publications  (links to pdf files in Portuguese): “Media Quality Indicators: policies, standards and concerns of Brazilian magazines and newspapers” by Christofoletti; “Journalists and their vision on quality: theory and research in the context of the Media Development Indicators of UNESCO” by Danilo Rothberg; “Quality management systems applied to journalism: an initial approach” by Josenildo Luiz Guerra and “Quality journalism: an essay on a matrix of indicators” by Luiz A. Egypto de Cerqueira.



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